Application Integration

We provide a variety of AI services ranging from relatively simple integrations of third-party services to complex integrations of multiple corporate solutions via a common bus.

From PayPal, Google Maps and eBay API integration to full inter-application connectivity across the company, ASAPY will suggest optimal scenarios for efficiently reusing your existing software while fitting new applications and data into the existing IT ecosystem.

We address the needs of companies of different sizes, from start-ups to global corporations, and help them optimize processes and expenses by offering application integration as a cost-effective alternative to custom software development.

Why integrate?

ASAPY has a proven methodology for integrating a wide range of business software that may include legacy systems, business intelligence, Intranet and web applications, various data sources and platforms.

Our approach helps our clients gain:

Development time and cost optimization

Our experience in the IT industry has taught us that it's often more economically sound to opt for application integration or mobilization instead of rewriting, redesigning or replacing existing software.

End-to-end visibility across systems and increased business agility

We help decision-makers use the benefits of real-time connectivity, process integration and data exchange across the company. Application integration may include the mobilization of legacy systems, web-enablement for Intranet solutions, real-time data conversion and merging, and much more.

Higher efficiency

While uniting unstructured IT ecosystems, we focus on simplifying the software support and maintenance process and reducing TCO.

Application integration scenarios

By leveraging our solid software and web application development expertise, as well as Java, PHP and .NET technology proficiency, we connect applications across the enterprise or integrate our clients’ corporate software with 3rd-party solutions via API's.

Back-end integration services

This can include the creation of a single back-end for several systems or integration of specific back-end elements of one application into that of another.

Data integration

From data collection, conversion, formatting and processing to integration with CRM and ERP solutions, sales and marketing systems, and databases.

Web service development

Focused on web application interoperability via standard protocols with enterprise systems (CRM, HRM, BI, etc.) and 3rd-party web services for online sales (payment gateways, online data sources, API's).

API-based integration

To ensure your system’s fast and efficient interaction with payment gateways, geolocation services, e-commerce solutions, video hosting services, advertising platforms and social networks.

Payment Gateways

PayPal, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers, 2Checkout,

Advertising Platforms

From the most popular ones to exotic ones serving specific markets

Geolocation Services

Interactive maps, augmented reality and mobile apps for clients and employees


From Ebay and Amazon to custom e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces

Social Communities

From Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus to professional niche communities

Video services

YouTube, Vimeo and dozens of othe popular video hosting service

Enterprise Application Integration via ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

This implies the creation of a middleware layer that enables all other systems and platforms to freely exchange data and work “in sync”.

ASAPY AI services

ASAPY will guide you through the integration process – from thorough business analysis, concept development and prototyping to support, maintenance and further improvements. You can order the full range of AI services or hire ASAPY experts at a certain stage of your integration project.

AI services What we offer

Business analysis

The ASAPY experts conduct thorough functional, organizational and cost-wise analysis of the customer’s requirements. At this stage, our team can work on-site to get deeper insights from end users and stakeholders. As the result, we offer an expert assessment of the current situation and outline a step-by-step action plan. Application integration may involve developing a totally new vision of an enterprise's IT ecosystem.

Development and Testing

Based on the chosen technology vision and action plan, we develop data connectors and middleware to integrate data across different applications. At this stage, our QA team joins the project to test every interim deliverable to ensure early detection of possible defects.


Our software architects seamlessly integrate your applications, making sure that none of your business-critical data are affected and the downtime remains minimal, if at all noticeable.

Support and Maintenance

Depending on the type of project, we can either assign a support engineer after its launch, or start providing support services later. Our support and maintenance team can continuously improve and extend your product's functionality to help it stay in line with evolving business requirements and technology advancements.

Transparency and communication

Application integration projects can require a high level of customer and vendor communication. With over 60% of our projects lasting 6 months or more, ASAPY is focused on building transparent and efficient communication with our clients and offers:

Mature Project Management

Right after project initiation, a dedicated project manager is assigned to drive the entire application integration process. He organizes all in-house activities and acts as a single contact point for the customer.

Regular (weekly/monthly) and ad-hoc reporting

We use industry-standard version tracking tools and code repositories such as Team Foundation Server (TFS), JIRA, Mantis, CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Red Mine, as well as reporting software and schemes suggested by the client.

24/7 communication

In every project, a dedicated project manager is responsible for day-to-day communications with a client. We adjust to our clients’ working hours, if needed, and ensure sufficient availability across several time-zones.

Get started

Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Our senior business analysts and tech leads are ready to discuss your project in detail and get a clear picture of the work to be done.